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Child Custody Archives

Substance abuse may lead courts to alter custody arrangements

In California, the courts apply a best interest of the child standard when it comes to determining custody. The standard takes a number of distinct factors into account to consider a parent's general fitness. Even in cases where custody has already been decided, the court may alter a custody or visitation arrangement in some circumstances. If one of the parents begins to abuse drugs or alcohol, for example, the court may order changes such as requiring supervision during visitation.

Dealing with child custody when the parent is in jail

When a California custodial parent is heading to jail, dealing with temporary or permanent child custody changes can be stressful. However, there is a process in place for figuring out where the children will go if the custodial parent can suddenly no longer care for them.

What the law says about parental contact

A California divorced parent may feel like the child's other parent shouldn't have the right to call or otherwise communicate with his or her son or daughter. However, if there is an existing court order giving the noncustodial parent the right to do so, the custodial parent must comply. Failure to do so could give the noncustodial parent grounds to take the custodial parent to court.

Determining child custody after a parent dies

When a parent dies in California , there may be some question as to who gets custody of his or her children. In some cases, a noncustodial parent may be granted custody if paternity has been established. Paternity can be established by a biological father putting his name on a child's birth certificate. Alternatively, a father may sign an acknowledgment of paternity form and file it with the court.

Divorce and children

Going through a divorce can take a toll on everyone involved. California parents who are ending their marriage may be interested to learn of ways to limit the negative impact it can have on their children.

Judge orders Robin Thicke to stay away from ex-wife and son

On Jan. 26, a judge in California revoked the child custody rights of singer Robin Thicke. Since the beginning of the year, Thicke has been feuding with his ex-wife Paula Patton over custody of their 6-year-old son. When Thicke appeared in court to request temporary sole custody, he lost custody rights and was ordered to stay away from his son.

The advantages of parental cooperation after divorce

California parents who are divorcing might need to work harder to get past conflicts for the sake of their young children. After divorce, children adjust better if their parents are able to maintain a cordial co-parenting relationship and put them first. This could mean placing trust in the other parent even when that parent does not seem to merit that trust. For example, the other parent might make changes to the schedule at the last minute. It is better to assume good intent than to escalate the conflict.

Uma Thurman's custody battle could be long and bitter

Uma Thurman has given celebrity gossip columnists in California and around the country plenty to write about in recent years. The 46-year-old actress called off her engagement to the businessman Arpad Busson in April 2014, and she is now involved in what analysts say is likely to be a prolonged and bitter court battle with the French financier over custody of the couple's 4-year-old daughter. A psychologist appointed by the court hearing the case indicated that an amicable resolution seems unlikely due to the animosity between Busson and Thurman.

Co-parenting and relocation

Co-parenting can become complicated for divorced parents and their young children if one of the parents moves far away. Former couples in California who having these types of issues may want to consider mediation to resolve them.

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