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Child Support Archives

How to calculate child support

In California, child support is determined partially by the incomes of both parents. How much time each parent occupies with the child will also be factored into the total amount. Parents are required to fill out an Income and Expense Declaration form, and there may be legal consequences for failing to tell the truth on that form. A judge will first look at a parent's net income after allowable deductions.

How an agreement on child support may be reached

When California parents of young children divorce, the non-custodial parent will likely be required to pay child support. How much is paid, how often it is paid and how long the support lasts are all elements of a child support plan that must be decided. This decision may be reached by parents negotiating with the help of their attorneys, by alternative dispute resolution, or in court.

Reaching agreements about child support

California parents are obligated to contribute financially to the upbringing of their children. When they are seeking to end their marriage, the noncustodial parent will likely be obligated to pay child support to the custodial parent. There are a few ways that this issue can be handled.

Using SDU services to collect child support

Collecting child support can be difficult for many California parents. It is common for child support amounts to enter arrears and remain unpaid for extended periods of time. Parents should understand that they have options when it comes to collecting child support from an unwilling former partner. The state takes child support collection very seriously and has programs in place to help parents with collection.

Obtaining retroactive child support in California

When a couple with children splits up, the noncustodial parent will often be required to pay child support. If that person neglects their payment responsibilities, the custodial parent can put in a request for back child support, which is sometimes called retroactive child support.

How emancipation impacts child support

In many cases, a child in California or elsewhere is considered emancipated at age 18 or 21. However, there are instances in which a child may be declared emancipated at a younger age. Typically, a child is declared emancipated before reaching the age of majority because he or she got married, was in the military or because he or she left his or her parental home.

Child support payments by disabled parents in California

When a parent paying child support becomes disabled, the parent getting the child support will likely see a reduction in payments. This is because the amount of child support that a person is obligated to pay depends on the amount of money that they are making. In many cases, someone who suffers a disability will not be able to work as much or at all. The reduction in payments will depend on the long-term nature of the injury.

Child support after getting married again

It is possible that parents living in California will get remarried at some point after a divorce. If an individual who remarries has children from a previous marriage, it may or may not have an impact on his or her child support payments. In most cases, the biological parents are responsible for caring for a child. This means that a court is unlikely to reduce or terminate support in the event of a remarriage.

Dean McDermott in child support trouble

Following a tense child support hearing in a California court on March 10, Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling's husband, was held in contempt of court for failing to pay his previous wife thousands in child support that she was owed. The judge reportedly gave him until March 13 to work out a deal. If a deal is not made, he could be sent to jail.

Stopping child support payments

When California parents of young children separate or divorce, it is likely that one parent will be responsible for paying child support to the other. However, there are certain scenarios that can occur where a parent who initially requested child support wishes to stop these payments.

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