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Divorce Mediation Archives

Separated California families may benefit from nesting

Traditional custody-sharing arrangements may not be viable for all families, and some divorced parents are turning to nesting. This kind of custody sharing contrasts with typical methods by focusing on providing the children with a less disruptive lifestyle as the parents take turns occupying the family home with their kids.

Tips to help co-parents deal with summer visitations

For many California divorced parents, summer visitation can be particularly difficult, especially as the children get older or if parents live far apart. Kids generally want to spend their summers hanging out with their friends, participating in summer sports and even getting a summer job. However, there are some things that parents can do to connect with their kids and have fun during the summer.

How to make the most of summer visitation

The school year is starting to wind down, and that means many California parents will soon be enjoying summer visitation with their children. For parents of older kids, the summer break may be more complicated than it was in years past, as teens and tweens often have a harder time adapting to a new social scene than they did when they were younger.

Deciding if a mediated divorce is a good choice

If a California couple decides to end their marriage, they may want to consider a mediated divorce. This involves having a third party who is neutral help a couple decide the applicable legal issues. While this type of divorce can help individuals save money, it is not right for everyone.

Divorce mediation for parents of young children

It is fairly common for California parents who are in the middle of getting divorced to be filled with bitterness and resentment. They may have conflicts with each other that boil over into a battle that can be damaging to their children. It is possible for many couples to resolve their issues peacefully through mediation, an alternative dispute resolution process that occurs outside of the courtroom setting.

Settling divorces through mediation

Mediation is one of the tools California couples can use when they are facing the end of their marriage. The process provides a safe and non-aggressive way to resolve issues so that both parties are content with the settlement terms of the divorce. Estranged couples may consider undergoing mediation for a variety of reasons.

Finding a trustworthy divorce mediator

California residents who are thinking about getting a divorce may consider mediation as a tool for resolving complicated separation issues. When choosing the right divorce mediator, experience, professional background and cost are all factors that should be considered. However, it is perhaps most important that the mediator is someone that both parties can trust.

Being flexible may help with California parenting plans

Parents who come to a parenting schedule by deciding together or through mediation may have a better chance of making that plan work throughout the child's life. This is because a child will have different needs as an infant, as a toddler and as he or she grows up. During the teenage years, children tend to want to spend more time with friends and less time with parents.

Pros and cons of mediation

California couples who are headed for divorce may have several options available in approaching that divorce. They might opt for mediation, collaboration or litigation, and each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages.

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