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At our firm, we give you the resources you need to craft a solution that’s right for you. Our three methods for resolving divorce and subsequent family law issues include:

  • Family law litigation: We will tirelessly prepare and fight aggressively on your behalf to protect your interests. The unfortunate reality of litigation is that time, expenses and stress can outweigh many of the potential benefits as the ultimate decision is left to a judge.
  • Family law mediation: Often the most time- and cost-effective method for resolving a divorce, both parties can address one another directly while the mediator helps them to stay focused on finding solutions. Mediation is confidential and allows couples to address present issues while planning for the future.
  • Family law collaborative divorce: Similar to mediation, collaborative methods allow couples the flexibility to make their own divorce agreements. With the help of a divorce coach, numerous advisers, experts and specialists, couples have a team of resources guiding them toward a sustainable solution.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I highly recommend Josh and his staff to everybody needing a divorce attorney.”

“I interviewed several attorneys in the Sacramento area before choosing Chad Miller. My research paid off… I have referred several people to Chad, and I highly recommend Miller & Associates.”

“Overall, Josh made a potentially tense and awkward situation as painless as possible. His kindness and calm demeanor was especially helpful throughout the mediation process.”

“If you’re looking for attorneys that know their stuff these are the guys. Great guys to work with and they gave me the best advice yet about my case. A double thumbs up for them!”

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