Divorce Litigation Services

When forced to confront the difficulties of a contested divorce or another family law dispute, you want to work with attorneys who know how to pursue effective, peaceful resolutions. At Miller & Associates, we encourage clients to consider the benefits of mediation or collaborative divorce, but understand that these methods are not for everyone. That is why we dedicate a significant portion of our practice to guiding our clients through the process of family law litigation.

We Stand By You Every Step Of The Way

As experienced litigation attorneys, we put a premium on preparation, intelligent strategies and aggressive methods that protect your best interests. Exclusively dedicated to practicing family law, we are confident we can help you resolve your matter.

Some common family law issues we help clients address during litigation include:

Advocates For Your Best Interests During A Complex Divorce

There are many unknowns when leaving your case up to the courts. Although you may think you have a strong case when pursuing custody or support, the judge may rule otherwise. We seek to eliminate the guesswork by carrying out thorough investigations, accounting for any potential problems, and using our knowledge and experience of the courts and the law to prepare creative strategies.

Although we will present a strong case on your behalf, the ultimate decision rests with the court.

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