Property Division Attorney

No matter if you and your spouse own an expansive estate, or simply need to settle the matter of your family home, it's important to work with an experienced attorney when engaging in the process of property division.

With real-world experience as small-business owners, we understand many of the nuances of valuating businesses and real estate. We know what to look for when going through discovery and can help you ensure that you are being treated fairly when engaging in mediation or collaboration.

Some advantages of working with our firm include:

  • Experienced attorneys who understand what it means to run a business
  • We have access to industry resources, such as forensic CPAs, to help with valuation and discovery
  • Our attorneys have worked in business law and understand how to analyze statements, tax documents and other financial matters
  • We help our clients set realistic expectations when handling income and property issues
  • No matter if litigation, mediation or collaborative divorce works for you and your family, we possess the skill and training to help you through the entire process

We Help Both Parties Find Common Ground

When dividing property or a business during divorce, it's important to remember the value of compromise. As experienced litigation lawyers, we know just how quickly costs can spike when trying to work through a complex process of discovery and valuation. That is why we encourage clients to benefit from our experience and pursue collaborative methods or mediation to settle their property disputes. Whether structuring amicable payment plans or determining whether to sell the family home, we give you the tools to make the right decision.

To learn more about property division, contact our Rocklin/Folsom law offices by dialing 916-780-0848. You may also send us an email via our online contact form.