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April 2013 Archives

Sacramento Family Court Audit and Accountability

The nature of family law in Sacramento, or in any California county, is usually emotionally charged, and sometimes disappointing.  However, principles of due process and fundamental fairness require that each Sacramento family law party have a fair opportunity to have their voice heard.  Unfortunately, no system of justice is perfect, and Sacramento County family courts are no exception.  Parties sometimes have poor experiences with a seemingly biased child custody mediator, or a family law judge whom they feel did not listen to their concerns.

What is Family Law?

Family Law is a broad term that describes a variety of laws that affect the legal status and interactions of families.  Family Law usually includes laws addressing divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division.  Family law also includes parentage actions (when the parents are unmarried), Marvin v. Marvin cohabitation arrangements, adoption, and child dependency actions.  Family law can also include domestic violence issues as well.

Fathers Rights and Primary Custody to Fathers In Sacramento

In Sacramento child custody cases, the courts can award primary custody to either parent.  The Sacramento child custody and visitation court is concerned with determining which visitation arrangement is in the child’s best interest.  In each case involving child custody and visitation, the parties are automatically referred to child custody mediation to address their custody requests.  Sacramento County Family Court Services is generally responsible for handling the parties’ custody mediation.  In other circumstances, if the parties request it, mediation will be handled by a private mediator (private marriage and family therapist) at the parties’ personal cost.

Step-Parent Visitation Rights in Placer County

In Placer County child custody and visitation cases between spouses, a question one of the parties may ask is whether they can continue to have visitation with their spouse’s child from a prior relationship (their “stepchild”).  In a typical situation, the party asking about step-child visitation has developed a bond with their spouse’s other child during marriage.  Now that the party’s marriage or relationship with their spouse is ending, they want to continue seeing their stepchild and they do not want their spouse to bar visitation.

Grandparents Visitation Rights in Sacramento

A trendy issue in Sacramento Family Law and in the country is the concept of grandparent visitation rights.Under traditional legal standards, the focus of Sacramento child custody and visitation courts is measuring the rights of the biological parents.  Grandparents, though important in the life of the child, do not have the right to demand automatic visitation with the child in California.  Typically, the Sacramento child custody court will order visitation for grandparents in severe cases where the parents are imprisoned, abusive, or gone.

Little Known Strategies and Tactics that Can Help Fathers Win Custody

A common belief among parents, particularly fathers, is that the Sacramento child custody courts are skeptical of fathers and favorable towards mothers.  This is largely false, but it does not change the fact that many fathers distrust the Sacramento child custody courts.  A logical question arises: Are there any strategies and tactics that can help fathers win custody time with their child?  The answer is, absolutely yes!

Why is Placer County Child Custody Mediation Important?

Many parents know that in order to pursue their child custody rights in Placer County, they have to file a court motion with the Placer County family court requesting custody or visitation time.  What many parents do not know is that they must attend mandatory mediation before a Placer County family law judge will substantively hear their case.  So why is Placer County child custody mediation important?

How Do I File For Divorce?

If you are considering undergoing a divorce in Placer County, or in any California County, you need to consider a couple of things.  First you need to consider if engaging in a Placer County divorce is truly the correct decision.  Divorce is very costly: financially, emotionally, and even spiritually costly.  It will have lasting effects upon you, your spouse, and your children. 

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