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Focused on reducing the emotional and financial toll to your family.

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your needs, and focused on reducing the emotional
and financial toll to your family.

August 2018 Archives

Adjusting to divorce in the new school year

California parents who are divorced may have additional expenses and logistics to consider when they look to the school year ahead. However, since this is a natural time of transition, it may also be a time when they can work to deal with the transition of divorce as well.

Some facts about child support

In California child support cases, one of the early steps is to establish parentage. The non-custodial parent is responsible for making support payments to the person who is caring for the child. The person who receives support on behalf of the child may in various cases be the child's parent, legal custodian, guardian or the person the child lives with.

The financial issues associated with divorce

A divorce in California can significantly alter a person's financial circumstances. Therefore, prior to getting a divorce, it is important to get an inventory of the assets and liabilities a household may have. Cash, money in an investment account or the value of a retirement account are all considered to be assets. Generally speaking, they are eligible to be divided in a divorce settlement.

How to keep divorce costs to a minimum

California residents who get divorced could spend thousands of dollars on legal fees and other costs. However, there are ways that they can keep costs to a minimum when ending their marriage. For instance, picking the right lawyer can make it easier to get through the process in a timely manner. Choosing to work with a junior attorney or a paralegal instead of a senior partner can also reduce the cost.

Property division during a gray divorce

When older couples in California decide to split up, the divorce can carry some major financial consequences. While child custody and support are generally not issues for seniors, property division can become more complex. Many couples over 50 have accumulated decades of marital property together and often have large retirement funds that will need to be divided as part of the divorce.

Understanding different types of child support cases

Divorced parents in California may be unaware of the varying types of child support cases that exist. The multiple types of cases can be confusing, especially as some individuals make direct payments to the custodial parent while others submit payments to the state in which the order was made. There are four main types of child support cases: IV-D, IV-A, IV-E and non-IV-D. These terms refer to Title IV of the 1975 Social Security Act, which addresses the grants made to states in order to provide aid and services to families with children in need.

Establishing paternity in order to obtain rights to a child

California residents may be interested to learn that 40 percent of all children born in the United States are born to unmarried parents. While there are many unmarried fathers who do whatever they can to remain in their child's life, there are a number of children who will grow up without the influence from their fathers. In some cases, this can be due to the fact that many unmarried fathers remain unaware of their rights.

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