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Child Support Archives

Child support enforcement moves toward centralized system

Child support enforcement can be a constant source of stress and confusion for single parents in California as well as the government agencies charged with overseeing the efforts. When parents do not receive their court-mandated support payments, raising children can be difficult. However, many states do not have the modern technology necessary to keep the system functioning well. In this context, the federal government is preparing to develop a nationally networked system for child support enforcement across the United States.

Kelis wants more child support from Nas after sharing custody

Some California parents of minor children might relate to the celebrity child support and custody battles that frequently play out in the headlines. Singer and songwriter Kelis has filed a court petition requesting an increase in child support payments for her young son. The father, hip-hop recording artist Nas, currently pays $8,000 a month to his ex-wife to cover the child's expenses.

Rapper Kodak Black to pay $4,200 per month in child support

Californians who are fans of Kodak Black might be interested in learning that the rap star was recently ordered to pay $4,200 in monthly child support for his 2-year-old son. The order came after a lengthy court battle between the rapper and the mother in Florida.

Child support and extraordinary medical expenses

A California child's uninsured medical expenses are also part of both parents' obligations to pay in addition to basic child support, in most cases. These medical expenses are the ones that are not covered by a health insurance plan and can include co-pays, deductibles, prescription costs and dental or vision care.

Child support the most common reason for wage garnishments

Delinquent child support payments remain the most common reason for wage garnishments in California and around the country according to a report from the ADP Research Institute. The study, which was based on the anonymous payroll data of 12 million American workers, reveals that about one in 14 workers in the United States have their wages garnished, and 71 percent of them are men. Other common reasons include unpaid student loans, bankruptcies and tax levies.

DNA testing can provide answers in child support cases

People in California planning to establish paternity for their children may want to consider a DNA test to assist in child support and custody matters. A paternity test can help to secure child support for a child whose parentage is unknown or disputed.

Public aid a factor in child support

Most parents in California are dedicated to providing for their children. This is generally true whether they are parenting together with a spouse or in separate households. While it is not unusual for one parent to voluntarily pay child support to the other, there are cases in which a court will order child support even if the parent receiving the funds has not requested it.

Child support payments reimburse state for spouse's benefits

A California woman who has five children and who shares custody of three of them with their father was ordered by the state to pay almost $500 monthly in child support. However, most of that payment will go to repay the state for aid received by the father.

Seeking a modification to a child support order

In California, the amount of child support a parent will pay is determined based on a set of state guidelines. These guidelines take a number of factors into account, including both parents' incomes and other financial responsibilities. If the parent responsible for paying child support has a sudden reduction in his or her income, it can become difficult to pay the child support payments.

How to calculate child support

In California, child support is determined partially by the incomes of both parents. How much time each parent occupies with the child will also be factored into the total amount. Parents are required to fill out an Income and Expense Declaration form, and there may be legal consequences for failing to tell the truth on that form. A judge will first look at a parent's net income after allowable deductions.

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