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Your Collaborative Team

In a collaborative divorce, a team is put in place for each spouse. The goal of this team is to make the divorce process as amicable as possible, and to put an agreement in place that each spouse can live with and that is best for the entire family.

Building A Team Around You In Rocklin, California

When you work with us at Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, a collaborative divorce team typically includes:

  • Divorce coach: Divorce coaches assist clients in identifying and articulating interests and goals. They help the parties focus on a positive vision for the future, provide information and guidance on marital transition, and they assist in stress management by recognizing/managing emotions. They also facilitate teamwork, help create a parenting plan, improve the client’s capacity to communicate effectively, and help the client participate effectively and efficiently in the collaborative process. The parties are not required to have a divorce coach, but it is recommended. Many times, divorce coaches are hired in mediation or litigation cases to help control the emotions of either or both parties.
  • An attorney for each spouse who is also trained in mediation and in handling collaborative divorce cases: Attorneys are involved to educate and counsel their respective clients, to manage conflict, to guide interest-based/principled negotiation, and to assist the parties in forming agreements.
  • A neutral financial expert: If the parties agree to hire a financial expert, his/her function is to be an objective adviser who organizes necessary financial documentation and information for the team; assists clients and lawyers in generating options and understanding current and future financial impacts of each option; provides compilations and projections as needed; and assists the clients in education of various financial issues related to a divorce.
  • Child specialist: If the parties agree to hire a child specialist, his/her role is to provide a safe place for the children to share their stories, ask questions and discuss their concerns. They also help parents understand what their children are experiencing while providing positive suggestions, parenting education on child development, and insight on separation and divorce issues. They also facilitate parental communication, and help the parents create a workable parenting plan that meets the needs and interests of their children.

Start Building Your Team Today

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