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What You Need To Know About Divorce Mediation: The FAQs.

While it may be difficult to eliminate the unpleasantness of divorce in its entirety, it is possible to lessen it. Through the use of an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation, you and your spouse may be able to find a more effective solution.

Whether it is a difficult dissolution or contentious custody dispute, going to court is not the only course of action. Let the law office of Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, help you explore your options. Review the information on this FAQs page or reach out to us directly for the answers to your divorce mediation questions today.

Can complex issues be resolved in mediation?

Although the problems that may arise in a divorce can be intricate, no one issue is too complicated for mediation. Instead, it often comes down to the parties involved and how both individuals choose to approach the process.

But as far as complex divorce disputes go, one advantage of choosing mediation is how much more time- and cost-efficient it can be. Especially in comparison to drawn-out courtroom litigation.

Are divorce mediation and collaborative divorce the same?

Collaborative divorce and divorce mediation share many similarities. Both offer a nonadversarial space in which the parties involved can freely negotiate to protect their own interests. In each situation, you and your spouse will also have more control over the outcome of the end of your marriage.

But ultimately the process is not the same. In mediation, a neutral third party is typically brought in to facilitate the discussions. The goal of this is to help both parties reach a satisfactory decision on their own terms. However, it is important to note that the mediator does not have binding authority. On the other hand, collaborative law involves both you, your spouse and your respective attorneys. Any agreement made through a collaborative approach tends to hold more legal merit.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Again, litigation can be a long and expensive ordeal. For this reason, we encourage couples to take advantage of mediation. It is less stressful and more affordable, and instead of a judge, it is you and your spouse who get to have the final say over your divorce.

Still Not Sure If Mediation Is Right For You? Reach Out Today.

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