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Divorce Mediation Saves Money, Time and Reduces Stress

The divorce process involves making decisions that have a profound impact on the lives of those directly affected long after the decree is final. This is especially true if children are involved. A traditional divorce litigation experience can impact children perhaps for their entire lives.

Divorce litigation also often comes with substantial monetary costs, and litigated divorces can take significantly longer to resolve due to busy California family court dockets and state budget cuts.

We believe it is best for all parties involved if a bitter, emotional divorce and post-divorce disputes can be reduced, even avoided altogether.

Divorce mediation (and other forms of alternative dispute resolution) offers couples and families a healthier alternative designed to save time, reduce the costs, alleviate stress, while preserving legal rights. Instead of accepting the emotional and financial turmoil of divorce, families have the power to determine the terms of their separation.

Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP provides litigation, mediation and collaborative services. We put the power in your hands by giving you the information, resources, and guidance you need to get through this stressful period with minimal negative impact.

Divorce Mediation: A Better Alternative to Litigation

At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we want you to understand your options and the benefits of mediation before beginning divorce proceedings.

Divorce mediation refers to an informal legal process of resolving divorce issues to reach a private settlement without court intervention. Mediation proceedings are guided by an experienced neutral third party who is trained in dispute resolution techniques. The parties are encouraged to consider “out of the box” solutions that a court might not be able to order, to achieve the important goals desired by each party.

The mediator is not a judge and does not decide any issues. Instead, the mediator is a neutral party who explains the law to both parties, facilitates agreements and helps to brainstorm options. The mediator is here to educate both parties and manage the process of reaching an agreement that both parties are comfortable with. And the mediator does all the paperwork for both parties.

Most parties have full agreements on all issues in one to two sessions. It’s common for mediation to end with a signed agreement on all issues within 2-3 months from when the process begins.

During mediation, anything is on the table for discussion. Instead of allowing a judge to determine the terms of divorce, a couple can work things out for themselves with the help of the impartial divorce mediator. Ranging from drafting parenting time agreements to child support and property division, both parties can share ideas to reach a mutually acceptable solution to all issues of their divorce. Furthermore, your lawyer can advise your every move to ensure you are comfortable and confident.

Divorce mediation is also helpful in reaching closure, where both parties can articulate their goals, even if they do not desire to remain friends after the dissolution is concluded. Not only does mediation give power back to both parties, it also moves more quickly, costs significantly less than litigation, and spares everyone involved the stress and frustration of going to court.

With education and straightforward advice, most couples realize that mediation or collaborative divorce is a better alternative to litigation. The first step in making any important decision is analyzing the costs and benefits.

The following list explains some of the differences between litigation and divorce mediation.

No Need to Lawyer Up

With mediation there’s no need to suffer the slow game of “Divorce Lawyer Telephone.” Divorce meditation allows couples to communicate directly to the mediator who is trained to help the parties reach an agreement while keeping costs to a minimum.

Mediation is 80% - 90% Less Expensive!

Divorce mediation is about 80% – 90% less expensive than litigation and gets you to the same result.

Eliminate Uncertainty

Litigation puts decision-making power in the hands of a judge who is bound by the law. In mediation, both parties are empowered because they are reaching agreements together where all possible solutions are on the table. 


Many couples and families prefer to keep the details of their divorce confidential. Litigation is held in the public forum of the courts. Divorce mediation, by comparison, is private and confidential.

Shields Children from Ugly Divorces

Emotional, traumatic divorce litigation can adversely affect childen emotionally for a lifetime. Divorce mediation allows for a structured atmosphere where peaceful agreements can be reached.

Save Yourself Significant Time

Litigation takes time — a lot of time. Mediation cases can be resolved quickly depending on the complexity of your issues and your and your spouse’s willingness to work together.

If mediation sounds like an appealing alternative, contact Miller & Associates to speak with our certified mediation attorneys about how to get started.

Discover Our Difference

Miller & Associates – Trained and Experienced Divorce Mediation Attorneys

“Miller and Associates Attorneys did an excellent job with my divorce. My case was resolved without me losing any of my assets. I am so grateful to the entire team. All of them were very supportive and very patient with me throughout the entire process.”

Dina T.

For the best divorce mediation experience, you want to work with mediators who are certified and experienced at handling family law cases. Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP are mediation lawyers who have completed rigorous training with some of the top divorce and family law mediators.

With years of experience, ongoing training and participation in mediation workshops, we have developed proven strategies to help couples come to sustainable agreements.

Some of our services and strategies include the following:


Flexible methods

We have developed an effective mediation process over the years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be flexible. In complex cases, or when tension and emotional trauma linger, we can adjust our methods to ensure all parties feel comfortable.



When couples struggle to reach agreements, it can be helpful to have a second mediator in the room to assist. This process of co-mediation balances the room so each party feels as if he or she has an ally.


Legal resources

When mediation hits a roadblock, it can help to know the law and the various ways an issue might be resolved by a judge. Our mediators also litigate cases and can offer valuable insight to help resolve disputes.



Plenty of firms and lawyers claim to be mediators, but it’s important to determine whether they have actually gone through the proper training. We take mediation seriously because we know just how beneficial it can be to our clients.

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With years of experience helping families resolve their divorce matters, we know firsthand the numerous benefits to finding common ground. While litigation is a common divorce option, many couples find that peaceful negotiation allows each party to achieve his or her goals and come away with a resolution that fits with his or her lifestyle. As certified and trained mediators, we are well-equipped to bring our guidance and flexible structure to your divorce.

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