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A Better Alternative

At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we want our clients to understand their options before beginning divorce proceedings. With education and straightforward advice, most couples realize that mediation or collaborative divorce is a better alternative to litigation.

The first step in making any important decision is analyzing the costs and benefits. Below is a list illustrating some of the differences between litigation and mediation. If mediation sounds like an appealing alternative, contact Miller & Associates to speak with our certified mediation attorneys about how to get started.

  • No need to lawyer up: Litigation can feel like the children’s game of telephone. Individuals speak with their lawyers, the lawyers then speak to one another, and if there is a dispute, the attorneys then argue the issue before the judge. With so many people involved, it’s easy for your concerns to get lost in translation. The litigation process also takes time and can get expensive. By contrast, meditation allows couples to communicate directly to the mediator who is trained to help the parties reach an agreement while keep costs to a minimum.
  • Eliminate the guessing game: Litigation takes power out of your hands and puts it in the hands of a judge. A judge is bound by the law, but during mediation, all solutions are on the table. In mediation, both parties are empowered because they are reaching agreements together. Our mediators will provide a summary of the law, a host of possible options and help to resolve the issue with a solution that both parties can feel good about.
  • Life after divorce: In litigation, the focus is on the past. Mediation is about focusing on the future for you and your children.
  • Keep it confidential: Many people want to keep the details of their divorce confidential, and litigation is held in the public forum of the courts. Alternatively, mediation is private and confidential.
  • Protecting your children: Watching parents wade through litigation can be traumatic for young children. By contrast, mediation allows for a structured atmosphere where peaceful agreements can be reached.
  • Time is on your side: Litigation takes time — a lot of time. Mediation cases can be resolved quickly depending on the complexity of your issues and your and your spouse’s willingness to work together.

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