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Divorce strategies for successful co-parenting

Divorce is common in California and other states. When children are involved, separation can involve significant emotional stress and negotiation about parenting plans. It is important for divorcing couples to consider how to best co-parent their children after the relationship has ended.

How to make a divorce easier

California residents may feel uneasy about the financial ramifications of their divorce. However, there are ways to keep costs to a minimum when ending a marriage. For instance, it may be possible to seek out mediation instead of going to court. On average, the process costs between $5,000 and $9,000, which is less expensive than opting for litigation in most cases. Mediation may also be ideal because it focuses on an equitable split of marital property.

Mediation can help couples form prenuptial agreements

Many California couples are heading for marriage at a more advanced age than in the past. This means that both parties are often coming to the marriage with established careers, significant assets, investment funds or even self-owned businesses. While couples planning for marriage seldom like to consider planning for divorce at the same time, a prenuptial agreement can be an important step for two-career couples with significant assets and liabilities among them.

Tips for co-parenting in difficult circumstances

California parents who are divorced may struggle in co-parenting with a difficult ex. There may be a number of reasons for this. In some cases, it is related to a parent's turmoil over the divorce. If the conflict is not over issues as serious as addiction or abuse and is mostly between the parents, there might be ways to smooth over the situation.

Preparing for mediation might help its success

California couples who are divorcing might choose mediation as a way to resolve matters related to the end of the marriage such as child custody and support issues. Mediation can be a good option for couples who are looking to resolve these matters quickly, peacefully and in many cases more economically than in a drawn-out court battle. One way of helping to have a successful mediation is to prepare for the process.

Creating a co-parenting plan

Research has shown that California children who grow up with parents who are in a stable, loving marriage benefit from this type of environment. However, approximately half of all American marriages end in divorce, meaning that many children spent some time growing up with parents who were not happy. Some parents who are no longer together are still able to effectively work together to co-parent their child.

The benefits of mediation over divorce litigation

When many California couples heading for divorce think about the process, they often associate it with litigation. While this always an option, especially if the divorce is becoming emotional, there are other ways couples can go about dissolving their marriage. One of the most popular alternatives is mediation.

Separated California families may benefit from nesting

Traditional custody-sharing arrangements may not be viable for all families, and some divorced parents are turning to nesting. This kind of custody sharing contrasts with typical methods by focusing on providing the children with a less disruptive lifestyle as the parents take turns occupying the family home with their kids.

Tips to help co-parents deal with summer visitations

For many California divorced parents, summer visitation can be particularly difficult, especially as the children get older or if parents live far apart. Kids generally want to spend their summers hanging out with their friends, participating in summer sports and even getting a summer job. However, there are some things that parents can do to connect with their kids and have fun during the summer.

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