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Child Custody Archives

False positive drug tests and child custody disputes

When two California parents are going through a nasty custody dispute, there may be allegations of marijuana use. In these cases, the court may order the parents to take a drug test. One traditional way to test for marijuana use is to test the person's hair follicles, but a recent study by researchers from the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Germany showed that it is possible to receive a false positive.

Rapists may still have parental rights

California residents may not know that approximately 33 percent of rape victims will carry a resulting child to term. What may be dismaying is that many rapists still have rights over the child. This means that a woman who keeps the child may have to endure years of harassment and intimidation, which could her from being able to recover from the rape itself.

Father fights for custody after child placed for adoption

California fathers may have heard that a South Carolina man was fighting for custody of his infant daughter after the mother put her up for adoption without his knowledge. According to news reports, the father had been intending to remain in the child's life but the mother's parents did not agree with the relationship.

The controversy surrounding parental alienation therapy

California residents may recall media reports in July 2015 about a Michigan judge sending three children to a juvenile detention facility after finding them in contempt of court for refusing to join their father for lunch. The children concerned were at the center of a contentious child custody battle, and the judge in the case made her decision after becoming convinced that they had been poisoned against their father. Widespread coverage of the case prompted the judge to reconsider her custodial sentence, and she elected to order a controversial new form of therapy instead.

Avoiding back-to-school issues with a parenting plan

Divorced parents in California who have children might have concerns about how sending them back to school will affect their circumstances. The best way to avoid any issues is to prepare ahead of time with a parenting plan that anticipates these issues.

Parent-child relationships and custody

Child custody depends on a variety of things, all determining the best interest of the child, including the child's wishes, how stable the home environment is and if there are any allegations of abuse or neglect. Another thing courts take into account is the relationship between the child and each parent and how supportive the custodial parent is about the relationship between the child and the other parent. A recent case in California involving actress Kelly Rutherford highlights the importance of this factor.

Facebook profile evidence in custody battle

Custody battles revolve around the best interests of the children involved. One way to address this is for parents to provide evidence to show their relationship with their children and to demonstrate who the primary caretaker is and whose home will offer the children more stability. California residents who are caught in a custody dispute might benefit from knowing about a recent ruling that allowed the use of a Facebook profile as part of the evidence presented in a custody dispute case.

Setback in actress Kelly Rutherford's child custody battle

On July 23, a judge in California ruled that the state had no jurisdiction over the custody case involving actress Kelly Rutherford's two children. According to the judge, Rutherford's 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter have only spent about one week in California over the past two years and only have a 'tenuous" connection to the state.

Father seeking custody after kids refuse visitation

An unusual twist in a divorce and custody case has caught the attention of many California residents. The situation led to a Michigan judge ordering the three children at the center of the case to be held in a juvenile detention facility. This followed the children's refusal to visit with their father. He is now pursuing full physical and legal custody of his children.

Kardashian couple's split may not affect custody as expected

In early July, California reality-television couple Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick announced that they will be ending their relationship. Although many observers assumed that the father's history of substance abuse and rehabilitation stays would preclude him from winning parental rights over the pair's three young children, legal advisers said that the outcome of any custody battles that end up taking place may not necessarily depend on his prior indiscretions.

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