How to Prove a Parent is Poorly Parenting their Child in Placer County Court

by | May 1, 2013 | Firm News |

In some Placer County divorce and child custody cases (this concept also applies to other counties throughout the greater Sacramento region), parents firmly believe their ex-spouse or ex-partner is a bad parent and is either passively neglecting their child or actively making bad decisions to the child’s detriment.  Unfortunately, in Placer County family law cases, it is difficult to prove the other parent is a poor parent merely by the complaining parent’s unproven allegations.  Placer County family law judges and mediators are naturally skeptical of unproven claims and there is a risk they will marginalize such claims in the court order due to lack of proof.

One helpful suggestion for parents in this predicament is to obtain neutral witnesses who can testify as to the other parent’s neglect, poor decisions, or even abuse of the child.  Hiring a private detective to investigate and follow the other parent can be a good way to uncover evidence and eyewitness testimony of the poor parenting.  Also, if the private detective cannot uncover evidence of abuse, this can possibly give the worried parent some assurance that their fears are unfounded.

If you are involved in a Placer County child custody case, and you are concerned about your ex-spouse or ex-partner’s poor parenting of the child, please, please give us a call.  We can meet with you and discuss the Placer County child custody process and how to arrange your evidence in court to demonstrate your case in a free half-hour attorney consultation.