Aggressive And Experienced Divorce And Family Law Attorneys

At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we are a divorce and family law firm whose experienced attorneys are known for aggressively representing clients in Court, but we also have the experience, training, and certifications to help couples resolve all of their issues out of court in mediation or collaborative divorce settings. The foundation of our firm is making sure our clients have experienced and aggressive attorney representation in Court. However, our office realizes that although litigation is necessary in most California family law matters, there are many divorcing couples that can, and want, to hire our attorneys to mediate or collaborate their divorce in order to avoid the emotional and financial expense of going to Court. Our mediation and collaborative clients appreciate the courtroom experience that our attorney mediators and collaborative attorneys have, as this gives them a better perspective of what could happen in court, which often helps matters resolve quicker. Our firm is unique from others because we have endured years of courtroom, mediation, and collaborative experience and training to be able to offer all divorce and family law options to our clients.

Creative Solutions During Difficult Times

Many couples don't realize that divorce doesn't always need to be difficult. Of course, there are circumstances where irreconcilable differences make negotiations impossible, but with help from our attorneys, most people can find a way to work together to resolve their divorce. At our firm, we give you the resources you need to craft a solution that's right for you.

Our three methods for resolving divorce and subsequent family law issues include:

  • Litigation: A significant portion of divorces end up going through litigation. As your lawyers, we tirelessly prepare and fight aggressively on your behalf to protect your interests. The unfortunate reality of litigation is that time, expenses and stress can outweigh many of the potential benefits as the ultimate decision is left to a judge.
  • Mediation: Often the most time- and cost-effective method for resolving a divorce, both parties can address one another directly while the mediator helps them to stay focused on finding solutions. Mediation is confidential and allows couples to address present issues while planning for the future.
  • Collaborative divorce: Similar to mediation, collaborative methods allow couples the flexibility to make their own divorce agreements. With the help of a divorce coach, numerous advisers, experts and specialists, couples have a team of resources guiding them toward a sustainable solution.

Trained and experienced in mediation, collaborative divorce and litigation, our attorneys can help you find the method that fits your modern family.

Helping Families Address The Present And Plan For The Future

We understand that it can be difficult to look beyond the present difficulties of your divorce. That is why we use our training and experience to provide solutions that address the present and look toward a brighter future.

To start the process of resolving your divorce, schedule a free initial consultation by calling 916-780-0848 or send us an email by completing our online contact form.