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When Divorce Solutions Need To Be Addressed In The Courtroom

When forced to confront the difficulties of a contested divorce or another family law dispute, you want to work with attorneys who know how to pursue effective, peaceful resolutions. At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we encourage clients to consider the benefits of mediation or collaborative divorce but understand that these methods are not for everyone. That is why we dedicate a significant portion of our practice to guiding our clients through the process of family law litigation.

Advocates For Your Best Interests During A Complex Divorce

There are many unknowns when leaving your case up to the courts. Although you may think you have a strong case when pursuing custody or support, the judge may rule otherwise. We seek to eliminate the guesswork by carrying out thorough investigations, accounting for any potential problems, and using our knowledge and experience of the courts and the law to prepare creative strategies. Although we will present a strong case on your behalf, the ultimate decision rests with the court.

Family law disputes can be hotly contested. Whether your problem is related to divorce, a restraining order or other types of disagreement, we have the resources and know-how to pursue your goals before a judge. Common family law disputes may involve a single topic, or a mix of disputes that require fierce advocacy in the courtroom, including disputes involving:

  • Financial and property division concerns – At any level, dividing community property, resolving spousal maintenance or child support matters and other financial concerns can create tension and heated disputes. Our lawyers are highly experienced in resolving complex, high-asset marital estates. Our knowledge of business valuation matters, dividing pension and retirement accounts and protecting interests across the spectrum of financial and property division matters is unsurpassed.
  • Disputes involving the children – Parents often fear that their parent-child relationships will suffer substantially when a marriage falls apart. Resolving child custody and parenting time disputes are often highly personal. We treat clients like family in zealously protecting these significant relationships to serve the best interests of the children.
  • Domestic violence allegations and restraining orders – When domestic violence, abuse or harassment allegations arise, all parties may have fears. We are experienced in representing men and women in family court and often work side by side with criminal defense lawyers when domestic violence and restraining order issues arise.
  • Special considerations for military families – Servicemembers and their spouses face nuanced issues related to military benefits. The potential for deployments or service-related transfers can complicate resolving child custody and visitation arrangements. We have a strong command of the law and a client-focused approach to resolve the issues that may arise in a military divorce.

We Stand By You Every Step Of The Way

As experienced courtroom attorneys, we put a premium on preparation, intelligent strategies and aggressive methods that protect your best interests. Exclusively dedicated to practicing family law, we are confident we can help you resolve your matter.

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