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Premarital Agreement Attorney

A premarital agreement can bring peace of mind to any marital relationship. But for spouses with closely held businesses, the benefits of a premarital agreement may extend beyond the scope of their personal relationships. Business owners want to know that the business in which they invest time, energy and money will not be threatened by potential future marital dissolution. They also want to ensure that liens will not be placed on real estate or other business assets in the event of a divorce down the line, or that the business be ordered to be sold.

Reasons To Consider A Premarital Or Marital Agreement

People are often interested in premarital agreements for a variety of reasons such as the following:

  • One or both engaged parties own businesses
  • One or both engaged parties have children from previous marriages
  • Either the fiancé or the fiancée owns real estate
  • One or the other future spouse expects to receive a major inheritance
  • The family of one of the engaged parties owns a family vacation home and all siblings have agreed to protect the family property through premarital agreements
  • Engaged couples are older and established and wish to retain separate finances or agree to some other alternate financial arrangement in a marriage
  • The engaged parties have vastly different incomes or asset portfolios
  • One or both of the engaged parties wish to limit his/her exposure to spousal support (alimony) in the event of divorce

Engaged couples do not need to fear that a premarital agreement is a forecaster of doom for the marriage. Many people with solid marriages appreciate the fact that financial matters are clearly spelled out in a premarital agreement that both had a hand in crafting and signing before the wedding. A prenup can prevent misunderstandings at any point in a marriage regarding assets and income, whether acquired before or after the marriage was formalized.

It’s important to remember that prenuptial agreements do not address questions of future child support in the event of a separation. A parent (or potential future parent) cannot sign away a future child’s right to support. Our lawyers can clarify any questions you may have.

Contested Prenups In Rocklin, California

Even when a prenuptial contract is legally formalized, challenges may arise later as to its enforceability at the time of a marital separation or divorce. Miller & Associates attorneys are available to help contest or defend a contest of a premarital agreement.

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