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Protecting Your Assets In High Net Worth Divorce

If you are a high net worth individual going through divorce, it is critical that you have very experienced attorneys representing your best interests and giving you appropriate legal advice immediately so that you can protect yourself. Dividing and determining the community interest in businesses, real estate, stock, pensions, 401(k)s and other large assets can be extremely complex and time-consuming. At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we have the attorneys and support staff available to quickly and cost-effectively move through your high net worth divorce.

Having The Right Experts In Place

It is important in a high net worth divorce to establish a team of experts as soon as possible to best protect yourself. This would apply if you are the spouse with a higher net worth or if you are the spouse with a much lower net worth compared to your spouse. The experts involved would usually always include your attorney, a forensic certified public accountant, a business valuation expert if a business is involved, real estate appraisers and a retirement division expert among others.

Informal And Formal Discovery Tools To Find Information

If you are the spouse with the higher net worth, you should have an attorney who is well-versed with the informal and formal discovery laws to best protect your company, your real estate and your other valuable assets.

If you are the spouse who is not in control of the assets, or are the lower net worth client, sending informal and formal discovery is crucial. Some of the formal discovery would include:

  • Depositions of your spouse and others related to your spouse’s business or ventures. This forces your spouse and other witnesses to testify under oath.
  • Demand for production of documents. This allows you to obtain documents relating to your spouse’s financial documents, including bank statements, investment account statements, business documents, real estate documents, etc.
  • Special interrogatories (a series of questions that your spouse must answer under oath). Requests for admissions.
  • Requests for electronically stored information (ESI).
  • Subpoenas. Requesting documentation directly from an entity, such as a business, bank or financial institution.

Our attorneys are very experienced in using these discovery tools, and our knowledge and experience will be critical to obtaining a successful outcome for your divorce. If needed, we can also hire private investigators to assist us in finding assets and information that your spouse did not disclose.

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