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Trusted Guidance For Domestic Violence Issues

Many people wrongfully assume that domestic violence strictly means physical abuse. Although physical altercations are a glaring sign of domestic violence, less obvious behaviors include: verbal and emotional abuse, stalking, unwanted texting, emailing, and contact via social media or phone calls. At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we are lawyers who believe in providing victims of domestic violence with options and a plan for escaping the cycle of abuse.

Protective And Restraining Orders

Although there are numerous legal protections in place for the victims of domestic violence, the unfortunate truth is that many victims, often women and young children, refrain from stepping forward due to fear, embarrassment or other factors.

While nothing can undo actions that have already been committed, our attorneys can help you prevent them from happening again. By obtaining a restraining order, you can get an official order from the court for your significant other to stop following you, calling you, threatening you, harassing you or hitting you. If the restraining order is granted and the restrained person violates the agreement, you can call the police to have him or her arrested.

While we do not handle the criminal side of a domestic violence situation, we often cooperate with the criminal defense attorney in a case where our client’s divorce or child custody case may be affected by the outcome of the criminal matter, regardless of whether we represent the accused or the complaining party.

Don’t Let Domestic Violence Dictate Your Life

At the law offices of Miller & Associates, we aim to provide efficient, results-oriented counsel and representation in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody and domestic violence cases. We are two brothers who practice family law because we believe in our ability to get the job done efficiently and effectively for our clients.

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