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Navigating Complex Child Support Issues

Arriving at a fair and appropriate child support result is troubling for most parents.The well-being of children is critical. The child support calculations are aimed at providing for the children. At the forefront of any divorce involving young children should be an emphasis on providing for their physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Although determining child support payments may seem straightforward, the fact is that there are numerous contributing factors to consider that are best handled by an experienced attorney. When complex assets are involved, determining child support is highly complicated. It is critical to work with lawyers with the financial aptitude to protect your best interests.

Thinking Outside The Box During Child Support Negotiations

People often wrongfully assume that they have limited options for determining child support payments during a divorce. At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we empower our clients with different methods for negotiating a support or custody agreement that fits their unique needs. If left to the courts, child support payments will be structured formulaically. This method often fails to acknowledge many key factors that play critical roles in your family’s lives.

We Put Our Experience And Diligence To Work For You

Whether you and your children stand to receive child support payments, or you will be required to pay, you want to ensure that you and your kids are being treated fairly. During mediation or collaborative divorce, all options are on the table for you to craft an agreement. However, if litigation is necessary, the courts may consider a variety of peripheral factors. We diligently review the facts of your situation to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that there are no surprises when calculating child support.

Some factors that can influence child support include:

  • Percentage of time each parent has with children
  • The number of children
  • The incomes of both parents
  • Special needs of the children such as health-related expenses
  • Other special circumstances such as reduced living expenses, extracurricular activities, 401(k) contributions, necessary job-related expenses, union dues, deductible interest on a mortgage and real property taxes, etc.

Experienced Lawyers Protecting You And Your Children

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