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When Life Changes Warrant A Modification Of Orders

As life moves on after a divorce, certain adjustments to your divorce plan may be necessary. When children grow older, careers change, a parent relocates or other significant events occur, you can work with our attorneys to see that your support payments reflect those changes.

When Is A Modification Necessary?

One of the most common reasons for adjusting a support agreement is a significant change in income. Whether that means you or your former spouse is making more or less than before, a modification can ensure that your support is appropriate.

In some cases, a modification may be temporary, while at other times, long term. Some common reasons for adjusting a support order agreement also include the following:

  • A parent loses his or her job
  • A parent’s income increases significantly
  • A parent becomes injured or disabled and his or her ability to provide financially is limited
  • The child requires special services such as long-term medical care

If you think you or your former spouse has experienced a change in income that may warrant a modification of your child support agreement, contact us to discuss the circumstances of your case and learn how to get started.

Child Support Enforcement

Keeping up with support payments is a serious matter. It is not only a legal, court-ordered obligation but also a responsibility you owe to your children. If financial changes make it difficult to keep up, it’s important to speak with an attorney to learn how you can modify your support order to avoid falling in arrears or delinquency.

Regardless of whether you are the one failing to make payments, or wish to hold your former spouse accountable for missed payments, there are numerous consequences for failure to pay child support, including:

  • Revocation of the delinquent’s driver’s license
  • Wage garnishment
  • Withholding tax refunds
  • The suspension of a commercial or occupational license
  • Contempt charges and possible incarceration

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