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A Collaborative Approach To Divorce

At Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we encourage clients to pursue methods of alternative dispute resolution during divorce or other family law issues. We find that most families benefit both emotionally and financially from the structure, clarity, creativity and genial atmosphere of mediation and collaborative divorce.

Supervision During Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many clients come to us with little or no idea as to how collaborative divorce methods actually work. For most clients, it helps to think of collaborative divorce as mediation, or negotiation, with a team of professionals advising them every step of the way. Unlike mediation where it’s just you, your spouse and the mediator, collaborative methods surround you with a team that can interpret your situation, offer practical advice and even speak on your behalf if you’re uncomfortable working directly with your former spouse.

Below are a few other characteristics of collaborative divorce methods. For a comprehensive explanation and to learn how mediation or collaborative methods may benefit your situation, send us an email to schedule a free consultation.

  • Collaborative practice is a commitment to solutions that take into account the interest of all family members
  • Clients are intimately involved in the entire process, and the clients control the outcome
  • It involves an honest, voluntary, and good faith exchange of all relevant information, and the entire process is confidential
  • The parties and their respective trained collaborative practice attorneys enter into an enforceable collaborative practice agreement that states that the parties will not litigate or file motions with the court
  • It outlines the guidelines and expectations of the parties and professionals involved, and it requires that all professionals must be disqualified from the case if it proceeds to litigation — meaning that each party will need to obtain a new lawyer if the process fails

How Do I Know If Collaborative Divorce Is Right For Me And My Family?

The collaborative practice model is used in any type of case. At Miller & Associates, we handle collaborative divorce cases dealing with divorce, legal separation, any post-judgment support or custody modification.

Collaborative practice is a fit for you if you desire to keep attorney fees down, want to resolve your issues out of court, want a full and free flow of information and communication going both ways, and want to minimize the emotional impact of the proceeding to you and your children.

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