Miller & Associates Attorneys Featured in Prestigious Publications

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Firm News |

We are thrilled to share that Miller & Associates Attorneys has been featured in not one, but three prestigious publications: Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazines! This opportunity allowed us to explain how “we focus on doing the right thing,” for our clients and our team approach to family law.

Our Mission and Values

At Miller & Associates, our mantra is to handle every case with compassion, provide options and creative solutions, and deliver law-based, efficient results. “We focus on doing the right thing,” says Joshua Miller, Certified Family Law Specialist and cofounder of Miller & Associates. This commitment starts with educating potential clients about their litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce options. Once an option is chosen, we prioritize achieving a quality result that is cost-effective and consistent with the law, while minimizing the emotional impact on our clients and their families.

Team Approach and Expertise

Our team-oriented approach is a cornerstone of our success. “We are a team. All of our attorneys and staff are discussing and brainstorming facts and legal issues of our cases,” says cofounder Chad Miller, also a Certified Family Law Specialist. With over 40 years of combined experience in divorce and family law, we have the knowledge and resources to provide great results. Founded in 2008 by Joshua and Chad Miller, Miller & Associates has grown to become one of the largest family law practices in the Sacramento area.

The Power of Mediation

For clients seeking to avoid litigation, we offer highly trained mediation and collaborative divorce models. “These models provide the confidentiality that our high net worth clients appreciate and help minimize the financial and emotional impact of divorce,” says Joshua. Mediation allows for creative solutions that litigation cannot offer, making it a valuable alternative for many of our clients.

Recognition and Gratitude

We are incredibly proud to showcase our mission and our amazing staff in these three prestigious publications. Our inclusion in Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazines highlights our dedication to excellence in family law and our unwavering commitment to our clients. We are very thankful to our valued clients and our talented, dedicated team who make it all possible.

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