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How does alimony affect taxes?

The federal tax law changed in 2019. It altered how you handle spousal support on your federal taxes, making it no longer a write-off as an expense or a taxable income. Despite the federal change, the California Franchise Tax Board explains state law did not change in...

How do I end alimony?

During your divorce, if the court orders you to pay spousal support, you may not get an end date. The court may leave it open due to the circumstances of your situation. The California Courts explain that the general rule is alimony lasts for half of the length of...

Common myths about spousal support

Divorce settlements often include spousal support, or alimony, to balance out uneven earnings between each party. Like many aspects of divorce, you can try to predict how much alimony you’ll pay or receive ahead of your court date, but a judge ultimately decides...