What role do your children’s wishes play in divorce mediation?

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Divorce is likely to be a challenging time for your family, particularly if you have children to consider. In the midst of emotional upheaval, it is important to consider the desires and needs of your children.

In divorce mediation, the wishes of your children play a significant role in determining the outcomes and crafting solutions that prioritize their well-being.

Understanding children’s perspectives

During divorce mediation, parents and mediators should listen attentively to the voices of the children involved. Each child may have unique perspectives, concerns and preferences regarding the divorce. By actively engaging with their wishes, parents can gain insights into how to structure custody arrangements, visitation schedules and other aspects of post-divorce life. It is possible to achieve a balance between what is practical for the parents and what will provide emotional stability for children.

Promoting stability and security

Children often crave stability and security during times of upheaval. By incorporating their wishes into the mediation process, parents can create a sense of predictability. When children feel heard and acknowledged, they are more likely to adapt positively to the changes brought about by divorce. This can help mitigate feelings of anxiety, confusion and resentment that may arise during the transition.

Fostering co-parenting cooperation

Incorporating children’s wishes into divorce mediation can also promote cooperation and mutual respect between co-parents. When parents prioritize their children’s well-being and collaborate to address their needs and desires, they set a positive example of effective co-parenting. This collaborative approach can lay the foundation for smoother communication and conflict resolution in the future.

Approximately half of all children in the U.S. will witness their parents’ divorce. For the parents who are going through the separation, creating a positive future for the family may mean creating a role for the children throughout the divorce mediation process.