Avoiding Court Action in Sacramento Custody Cases Through Written Stipulations

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Firm News |

In Sacramento child custody cases, sometimes the parties want to have the certainty of a written court order, but they wish to avoid the expense, frustration, and vitriol that often times accompanies litigation.  In cases like these, we recommend the parties work with attorneys in an amicable setting to draft up a custody stipulation.

A written stipulation carries the force of a court order so long as it is signed by both parties and the judge.  This is a tremendous option for the parties to pursue if they are able to reach an agreement on all aspects of the disputed matter.  All the parties will need is attorney assistance in putting together the proper stipulation encompassing the language to which they have agreed.  Once the parties have signed the stipulation, they will need to submit it to court for signature by the judge.  Once the judge has signed the stipulation, it carries the force of law as with any other court order.  This is a good way for the parties to avoid court ordered mediation and one or more court hearings to argue over disputed custody matters.

If you are involved in a Sacramento child custody matter, or any family law matter and you wish to receive legal advice regarding preparing or signing a written stipulation, please contact our office today.  We offer a free half hour consultation and would be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can help you in your case.