Should I take my Placer County Family Law Case to Trial?

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Firm News |

Many family law litigants are passionate about winning their case in Placer County family court.  Sometimes this passion is good because it is based upon sound legal reasoning and good factual arguments.  Other times this passion is bad because it is based upon poor legal reasoning and poor factual arguments.  Knowing when to take your Placer County Family Law case to trial is a tremendously difficult decision and should be made with the assistance of legal counsel.

As a general rule, most Placer County Family Law cases result in some sort of settlement before reaching trial.  Most parties do not have the money, time, and emotional energy to litigate issues for many months to over a year at trial.  Many parties also correctly perceive the legal and factual weaknesses in their case and don’t want to invest a ton of money only to lose at trial.  Making the decision to take your Placer County Family Law case to trial is therefore a complicated decision involving the strength of your case, the evidence for your case, your financial resources, and your personal willingness to take risks.  These issues should be discussed in detail with your family law attorney before an ultimate decision is made.

If you are involved in a Placer County Family Law case, and you are contemplating taking your case to trial, or your spouse has already noticed you for a trial, please call our family law attorneys today for your free half hour consultation.