Is Setting my Sacramento County Family Law Case for Trial a Wise Decision?

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Firm News |

All Sacramento family law parties are passionate about winning their case in Sacramento County family court. Sometimes this passion is good because it is based upon sound legal reasoning and good factual arguments. Other times this passion is misguided because it is based upon poor legal reasoning and irrelevant emotional arguments. Knowing when to set your Sacramento County Family Law case to trial is a tremendously difficult decision and should be made with the assistance of Sacramento Family Law counsel

It should be noted that an overwhelming majority of Sacramento County Family Law cases never reach trial because the parties settle the case at some point in advance. Most parties do not have the money, time, and emotional energy to litigate issues for many months to over a year leading up to trial. Preparing for trial can take a long time because of the process of discovery and the investigation and exchange of evidence. Hiring expert witnesses, coordinating lay witnesses, and organizing all the evidence is also time consuming and very expensive. Thus, many parties run out of patience, time, or money (or all three) and decide to negotiate a settlement. Another factor is that one or both of the parties analyze the legal and factual weaknesses in their case and decide they do not want to invest significant money only to risk losing at trial. Thus, making the decision to set the case for trial in Sacramento is a complicated decision. One must weigh the strength of their case, their evidence, their financial resources, and their risk-tolerance. A party is strongly recommended to discuss this in detail with a Sacramento family law attorney before an ultimate decision is made.

If you are involved in a Sacramento County Family Law case, and you are considering setting your case for trial, or you have already been noticed for a trial date, please call our family law attorneys today to set a free half hour consultation.