Setting Aside Placer County Family Law Orders

by | Jan 4, 2014 | Firm News |

The Placer County Family Law courts are expected to make accurate and reasonably timely orders so that the parties can receive just results and finality in their case. Unfortunately, the California judicial system is not perfect and courts do make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are small and aren’t worth addressing. Others are more significant and do require attention. The more serious mistakes can be made by the judge, the clerk, the attorneys, or even the parties themselves.

When a Placer County Family Law party notices a mistake in their court order, and the mistake is significant and damaging enough, that party should call a family law attorney immediately. Sometimes the mistake can be quickly corrected with minimal paperwork and expense. However, if the court made a mistaken application of the law, or there are new and different facts or new law that were unavailable at the time of the parties’ original court hearing, the Placer county family law attorney will need to discuss filing a court motion with you.

If you or your Placer County family law attorney previously made a mistake or have a good explanation for the paperwork error, you can also file a motion to set aside the erroneous order. There are strict Placer County timelines to bring a motion to set aside so it is important to see a Placer County Family Law attorney immediately. If the judge made a mistake of law and the judgment is inconsistent with the facts, you can file a Placer County motion to vacate the judgment and replace it with a new and correct judgment.

If you are involved in a Placer County Family law case and you believe that someone has made a significant error, please give our office a call. We are experienced family law attorneys and we can help you evaluate your case.