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May 2015 Archives

Idaho's Sharia law concerns affect some California parents

The concerns of some Idaho politicians may jeopardize a proposed treaty designed to help single parents collect child support from former spouses in other countries. The negotiations for this treaty have been in the works for over a decade and have expanded to include dozens of countries. However, Idaho legislators rejected the proposal because they were worried it opened the door for enforcement of Sharia law in the United States.

Reality TV star seeks custody of 1 of his 8 children

California residents may know Jon Gosselin from his leading role on the reality television show "Jon and Kate Plus 8." The 38-year-old celebrity filmed the television show with his wife and children, but he ceased to appear on the show in 2010 after the couple divorced. The divorce was not without incident, and media reports published on May 15 indicate that Gosselin may be considering legal action to seek custody of one of his eight children.

California alimony awards could become relics of the past

If an Orange County, California, software consultant is successful with his ballot initiative, alimony awards in divorce could become a thing of the past. The Secretary of State has given the go-ahead for backers of the initiative to begin gathering the 365,880 valid signatures required for the initiative to appear on the November 2016 ballot.

International child abduction

Child custody cases in California can become extraordinarily complicated when one parent takes the child to a foreign country. According to the U.S. State Department, there are at least 1,000 reports of international child abduction by a parent every year. Because resolving these cases requires cooperation between two governments, most of the children are never returned to the United States.

Child support case involving twins with 2 different dads

California residents may be interested to learn about a very rare child support case involving twins. After a woman in New Jersey pursued child support from the man she thought was her twins' father, she discovered that the man was the father of only one of her babies. As a result of the DNA testing, a judge ruled that the man would only have to pay child support for one twin.

Why many men don't get alimony

When couples in California divorce, the issue of alimony is often a significant consideration. Traditionally, men have assumed responsibility for paying alimony to a former spouse. Despite an increased influx of women into the workforce, spousal support is still typically paid by men to women, not the other way around.

The effect of custody arrangements on children after a divorce

There has been much debate over which type of child custody arrangement is the best for children after their parents have gone through a divorce. While many people believe that living with just one parent is the optimum choice, parents in California may be interested in learning about a recent study that found that children are less stressed when they share time with each parent after the divorce.

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