Financial planning and high-asset divorces

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

California residents who are seeing their marriages come to an end should conduct careful financial planning to reduce the fallout from their divorce case. In many cases, people become wrapped up emotionally and leave the financial consequences to be dealt with later. By carefully planning, people can minimize the amount of financial damage they may otherwise experience.

There are several financial considerations couples should think about when they are planning to divorce. Each party should conduct a thorough review of their income sources and expenses to understand how they should budget. Those who expect to be ordered to pay alimony should also budget for the expense. People should not forget to take into account expenses related to children and other assorted things as well as their bills.

People who will be reentering the workforce following a divorce should plan for their education or training to prepare them to be more marketable. This may involve negotiating with the other spouse for them to pay the cost of the educational program. While most people want to stay in their homes, they may want to consider downsizing to a more affordable one. Finally, people who have been covered by their spouse’s health insurance should plan for the cost of obtaining their own.

A high-asset divorce can be very complicated, as untangling personal finances may be a difficult process. People who want to divorce and who have accumulated many assets during the course of their marriages may want to seek the help of a family law attorney who has experience with high-asset divorce cases. The attorney may help a client with conducting the appropriate financial planning and figuring out the amount of money that will be needed after the divorce.