Judge orders Master P to pay child and spousal support

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Child Support, Firm News |

A judge has ruled that the estranged wife of rapper Master P will be allowed to stay in the couple’s California home. In the temporary ruling, the judge also ordered Master P to pay his wife $16,574 per month for spousal support and $10,473 per month for child support. Master P will also have to pay his wife an additional $200,000 for her attorney’s fees.

The temporary spousal and child support in the couple’s divorce case was made while marital assets are being accounted for. Once the court has all of the relevant financial information, the support orders may be adjusted accordingly. Master P and his wife Sonya Miller announced that they were getting a divorce at the beginning of 2014, and numerous reports have indicated that the process has been very complicated.

The two were married in 1989, long before the rapper achieved success with his musical career. The couple has nine kids together, and three of those kids are still minors. Since the couple announced their split, there have been reports that Sonya Miller was forced to go on welfare, and one of the couple’s children was hiding assets for his father. The former sweethearts have also accused each other of drug abuse and bad parenting.

Divorces with children can be especially complicated when the parents are unable to communicate effectively with each other. A parent who is involved in a custody battle with the ex-spouse may want to have representation from a family law attorney. Legal counsel may be able to help facilitate communication about a co-parenting plan or argue for a fair custody or visitation order.