A unique way of sharing child custody

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Child Custody |

The well-being of children is a huge concern when parents decide to dissolve a marriage, and it is possible to make a divorce easier on kids when both parents work together. California parents in may wish to learn about so-called bird’s nest custody and whether it might work for their situation.

Both parents share physical custody in a bird’s nest arrangement, and a child lives in one location while parents alternate living with the child. The biggest reason for this form of custody is that it aims to give children a more stable environment as they stay in the same residence, and this can also make scheduling and activities easier for children as their belongings are in one house and they do not have to worry about where they will be at when an event happens.

The biggest downside of bird’s nest custody is that it may be more expensive as there are three residences in total with one for a mother, one for a father and one that the parents share with children. This living situation might also be difficult for parents who find themselves in a new relationship. If the parents can get along, communication might be easier as they can catch up and get updates on children when exchanging custody. However, friction may occur when switching physical custody if they are at odds with each other.

Bird’s nest arrangements are not extremely common as parents must have the means and ability for this method to work, but courts may like this approach as they always want what is in a child’s best interests. In addition, this is something both parents must agree to and ask for. If parents could compromise on custody and other issues, options like mediation or may work better than the court process when going through a divorce.