Trust and expertise critical in divorce mediation

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

In some circumstances, a divorcing couple in California can use mediation to solve issues such as property division, child custody and visitation schedules. However, the founder of the Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation claims that the selection of a mediator cannot be made haphazardly. To benefit from mediation, one should pay special attention to the choice of mediator. Among the critical areas of consideration are trust and expertise.

In the best of circumstances, the mediator serves as an impartial referee who facilitates decision making. Both parties have to feel comfortable discussing intimate details and plans for life after the divorce. A mediator who chooses sides or shows favoritism to one party can greatly amplify emotional stress in an inherently difficult situation. One suggestion is to look for a free consultation that invites both parties to the table. Another is to ask about the mediator’s subscription to mediation ethical standards.

A dedication to family meditation is also important. The mediator should have ongoing education in dispute resolution. They should also focus a majority of their mediation practice on divorce. While a legal degree does not necessarily make for a skillful mediator, it can be helpful to have access to objective legal information during dispute resolution.

Asset division and child custody are often contentious issues, and judicial ruling on these matters can be lengthy and expensive. A couple dedicated to working together toward resolution of divorce issues generally have a better chance of reducing emotional stress and financial cost. However, a judge must still sign off on any divorce agreement before it is finalized. For this reason, a divorcing couple in California may want to choose an experienced divorce mediator who is also a registered attorney. This may lead to a quicker and less stressful resolution.