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and financial toll to your family.

April 2017 Archives

Tips to help co-parents deal with summer visitations

For many California divorced parents, summer visitation can be particularly difficult, especially as the children get older or if parents live far apart. Kids generally want to spend their summers hanging out with their friends, participating in summer sports and even getting a summer job. However, there are some things that parents can do to connect with their kids and have fun during the summer.

Obtaining retroactive child support in California

When a couple with children splits up, the noncustodial parent will often be required to pay child support. If that person neglects their payment responsibilities, the custodial parent can put in a request for back child support, which is sometimes called retroactive child support.

How to make the most of summer visitation

The school year is starting to wind down, and that means many California parents will soon be enjoying summer visitation with their children. For parents of older kids, the summer break may be more complicated than it was in years past, as teens and tweens often have a harder time adapting to a new social scene than they did when they were younger.

How emancipation impacts child support

In many cases, a child in California or elsewhere is considered emancipated at age 18 or 21. However, there are instances in which a child may be declared emancipated at a younger age. Typically, a child is declared emancipated before reaching the age of majority because he or she got married, was in the military or because he or she left his or her parental home.

The importance of getting advice on QDROs in California

When a couple divorces and has to divide retirement assets, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order may be necessary. A QDRO outlines how much money will need to be provided from one spouse's retirement account to the ex, and it can also determine what those assets will go toward. For instance, assets from the account could be considered payments for alimony.

Child support payments by disabled parents in California

When a parent paying child support becomes disabled, the parent getting the child support will likely see a reduction in payments. This is because the amount of child support that a person is obligated to pay depends on the amount of money that they are making. In many cases, someone who suffers a disability will not be able to work as much or at all. The reduction in payments will depend on the long-term nature of the injury.

Couples in business should plan for a future asset division

All around the country, divorces trigger business partnerships to terminate. However, things can become especially complicated in community property states such as California, where laws state that divorcing couples each own half of their marital assets. While making plans for a potential future breakup may not be high on the list of a couple planning a wedding, it may make matters easier if the relationship ever does end.

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