Bird nesting could help children adjust to divorce

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Child Custody |

A new television show called “Splitting Up Together” offers a look at the concept of bird nesting. While it may be a comedy, the program could inspire divorcing parents in California to use this approach to keep the lives of their children stable. Bird nesting requires maintaining a family home where the children live all of the time. The parents then take turns residing there and providing child care.

Instead of children moving between two parental households, they avoid the sudden upheaval usually caused by divorce. Young children and kids with special needs typically benefit the most from bird nesting. In some situations, parents might gain financial benefits by keeping the family home post divorce. They might get a better price when they sell if they wait for the market to rise. If they have a lease, then they can avoid penalties for breaking the terms.

However, the approach is not financially viable for everyone because it often requires parents to pay for three homes instead of one. Before jumping into a bird nesting arrangement, divorcing parents need to come to an agreement about all of the financial aspects of running the family home. This includes deciding how the costs of the mortgage, insurance, taxes and repairs will be shared.

A parent investigating how to end a marriage could get suggestions from an attorney. Legal advice could help a person understand the big picture, including long-term financial consequences and child custody ramifications. When negotiating the terms for the divorce settlement, alternatives to litigation such as mediation or collaborative law could reduce costs.