Tips for prevailing in a custody dispute

by | Dec 2, 2018 | Child Custody |

When parents are estranged from each other or get a divorce, child custody can become a contentious issue. However, there are ways that parents can use California law to ensure that their children are safe. If one parent suspects that the other is neglecting or abusing the child, he or she should get evidence of that prior to seeking custody. For instance, it may be worthwhile to get a statement from a neighbor or the child’s teacher.

If a parent has a criminal record, that may be used to show that the child could be in danger. For instance, if a parent has previous DUI convictions, this fact could show that the child might in danger by riding in a vehicle with that person. However, any type of criminal record may be a red flag for a judge when making a custody ruling.

Parents are encouraged to make as many notes as possible during a custody dispute. This will create a record of what an individual did to provide for the child or what the other parent neglected to do for the child. It may be possible to get statements from the child’s doctor or other medical professionals to establish that he or she was abused in some way by a parent.

In a custody dilemma, the best interests of the kids are the paramount concern. Parents who are seeking custody or other rights may benefit from hiring an attorney to help accomplish that goal. This is because an attorney may be able to assist in gathering evidence to show that a parent is best suited to be a primary caregiver. However, it should be noted that parents generally split custody as that arrangement generally benefits the child.