Why mediation can be an option in divorce

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Divorce Mediation |

In the event that a divorcing couple have issues communicating, they may believe that that the only way to end the marriage is in court. However, it is possible for California couples to use mediation as an alternative to litigation. It can be an especially effective tool for those who have a lot of assets and need time to decide what happens to them.

Mediation can be preferable to litigation because the latter may further push the parties apart. It can result in mistrust and hurt feelings, and those hurt feelings may make it harder to communicate. In mediation, an impartial third party can keep individuals focused on the issues at hand as opposed to battling each other. If one person starts to complain about the other, the mediator can redirect that person’s attention to the important issues that need to be resolved.

For couples who have children, a mediator may be able to get the participants to focus on what a drawn-out divorce could to their kids. This may make them more likely to agree to see a mediator or make a greater effort to settle a divorce in a less abrasive manner. Finally, mediation can be ideal because it is a place where everyone feels heard and validated.

Going through the process of divorce mediation may help individuals get a favorable outcome in less time and by spending less money compared to litigation. Those who go through mediation may still have an attorney present, and it is still possible to have a settlement looked at by an attorney prior to an agreement going into effect. In some cases, an agreement can be reached after a single mediation session, but multiple sessions may be necessary in some instances.