Four tips for financial stability during and after a high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | High-Asset Divorce |

Life before, during and after divorce can bring a lot of financial strain on families. How you handle your finances and approach your divorce case may affect your financial situation in the long-term. While you may have an emphasized focus on important issues like child custody and otherwise emotionally significant dilemmas related to your marriage, consider also taking some time to address your financial strategy as you move forward.

  1. Consider consulting resourceful professionals in the areas of taxes and finance. Speaking with an expert may remove some of the stress you carry into the divorce, as they may give you perspective as well as potential options for your assets.
  2. Focus on your long-term financial needs by planning for expenses you may have following the divorce. As they work through a settlement or trial and consider their financial options, many divorcing spouses do not realize the weight of their future bills until it is too late. You may, for instance, be taken aback when the first wave of living expenses hits because you may be used to splitting costs with your ex.
  3. Your kids’ expenses will have significant weight on your finances. As you likely know, there is an array of needs that come with child-raising. Do not forget about those needs that exist outside the basic living expenses of your family. You will want to consider their basic school expenses, plans for their future education tuition and sports or other recreational organizations.
  4. If you have significantly high-value assets, you may want to consider the benefits of collaborative divorce or a settlement outside of court. Negotiating with your spouse could financially benefit both of you as alternative divorce options tend to be more cost-effective and give you more control over the future of your property.

Connect with an experienced divorce attorney or a qualified financial expert to better understand how you can plan ahead and protect your finances and assets amid a divorce.