Talking to your ex during a custody dispute

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Child Custody |

In some instances, people are on relatively good terms with their ex even though a dispute over child custody has arisen, while others find themselves in the middle of a very contentious fight. For some people, communication is helpful, but this is not always the case. 

If your former partner is willing to cooperate, talking to them can help clear up confusion and reduce tension, which is very beneficial with respect to a custody dispute. On the other hand, communication is not always a good idea, especially if they are trying to jeopardize your ability to maintain a relationship with your child. 

Reaching out 

Sometimes, parents are unsure whether they should reach out to a former partner as a result of a dispute over child custody. This is very stressful for a lot of people and many do not know what to do. Some worry that their attempts to contact their ex will only make things worse, while others are unsure of how to get in touch with their ex (sending an email, calling, etc.). It is imperative to closely evaluate your unique circumstances and figure out what is best for you. 

When communication is impossible 

Sometimes, people do not have the ability to talk with their ex, and others have no interest in any form of contact with their former partner (such as domestic violence victims). Often, those in the middle of a custody dispute do not have a cooperative ex and they need to stand up for their rights and protect their interests. Our law office covers many other topics related to custody disputes on our blog.