Statistics show an increase in custodial fathers

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If you are preparing to end your marriage as a father, you could have many different concerns. Aside from preparing for child support obligations, you could have questions and worries with respect to child custody. It is important to thoroughly go over your options and the unique aspects of your circumstances with respect to child custody, especially since a wide variety of factors can influence custody decisions.

In addition, you should try to stay optimistic with respect to custody matters. In fact, an increasing number of fathers have become custodial parents in comparison to previous years.

Going over data on custodial fathers

The U.S. Census Bureau published various statistics on child custody, including data on custodial fathers. According to this information, an increasing number of fathers have become custodial parents. During 1994, fathers made up 16% of all custodial parents. However, in 2018, fathers accounted for 20.1% of all custodial parents.

This trend should serve as a source of confidence if you worry about the inability to secure a favorable outcome with respect to custody.

Other statistics on custodial parents

The Census Bureau also reports that in 2018, roughly 21.9 million kids in the U.S. had parents who lived in other households. Moreover, 58% of custodial parents received some form of support for their kids other than cash from noncustodial parents.

Custody cases are often very complex and emotional, especially when a dispute arises. Make sure you have a solid understanding of strategies to increase your chances of a positive end result that can help safeguard your relationship with your child.