Can mediation help with parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce Mediation |

Parental alienation, where one parent tries to turn the kids against the other parent, is often heartbreaking. According to Psychology Today, it also can be a form of emotional or psychological child abuse. As such, you should not stand idly by while your soon-to-be ex-spouse destroys the positive and loving relationship you have with your children.

While some parents have nefarious intentions when engaging in parental alienation, others do not recognize they are doing something terrible. Either way, if you suspect your husband or wife may be alienating the kids, mediation may help you resolve the issue both quickly and effectively.

Avoiding high-conflict battles

Even though you can take your allegations of parental alienation to a judge and ask him or her to intervene, high-conflict battles tend to be bad for kids. Because it is a non-adversarial process, mediation is not likely to have the same negative emotional effects on them. You also can probably schedule mediation at your convenience instead of having to rely on a court to find space on its crowded docket.

Communicating directly

With mediation, you can raise your concerns directly with the help of a qualified mediator. The mediator should use his or her skills to foster a productive conversation. If your spouse does not realize he or she is engaging in parental alienation, the mediator also may help him or her to see your point of view.

Because mediation is a private matter, resolving parental alienation with it ensures there is no public record. Ultimately, though, if mediation fails, you have the option of addressing the matter in a courtroom.