What are the duties of a divorce mediator?

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When going through divorce, there are numerous paths to take. What works for one might not work for everyone.

Thus, it is important to examine all options equally, including mediation.

Understanding who mediation works for

Forbes takes a look at several methods of divorce, including divorce through mediation.

Mediation serves as a good option for people who believe they can largely work out their issues on their own, but simply want a little bit of extra help just in case anything starts exceeding the levels they are ready to deal with.

What does a mediator do?

As such, a mediator plays a crucial role in divorce mediation. They serve the individuals in question not by providing the resolution for them, but by helping them reach that resolution on their own.

A mediator thus needs to have the ability to look at a situation and determine as many possible ways to reach a desirable goal as possible. It helps to think outside of the box, or simply offer an opinion from a viewpoint that neither half of the couple would share.

Mediators also have training in de-escalation techniques and dispute management. After all, even the most amiable of couples will likely have a few areas that are sensitive to discuss. It is not unusual for tempers to sometimes get out of hand even in mediation settings.

Not only do mediators ensure that arguments do not get out of hand, but they also help direct the flow of the conversation. One of the biggest ways mediation and compromise crumbles is if one party feels the other is speaking over them, or if their wants are not being heard. With a good mediator, both parties should have an equal amount of space to air their concerns.

Thus, together with a mediator, couples can reach a conclusion they can both agree on.