How to prepare for your divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Divorce Mediation |

There is nothing easy about getting a divorce. It takes an emotional and financial toll on both you and your spouse. It is also time-consuming.

One way you can reduce some of the expense and time requirements of a divorce is mediation. Therefore, these are steps to prepare you for divorce mediation.

Set your outcome goals

Just like any major project, you should understand and write down your desired outcome. For example, do you want to retain ownership of your home, keep your family business, gain custody of the children, etc.? You should also have an idea about what you want to happen with your marital assets and debts because they require division. Also, do you need alimony or child support? Whatever you need, write it down and prepare to discuss it during your first mediation session.

Gather your documents

You should have all your divorce-related documents gathered together, but do not forget the vital records for you and your children. Include your tax records and ownership documents. Get copies of any prenuptial agreements, asset valuations and bank and investment statements. Collect your estate planning documents as well. Include your vehicle title and any real estate deeds as well as your debt statements.

Determine your financial position

You should also have a post-divorce budget that includes any expenses you incur on behalf of your children. Determine the amount of support you absolutely need. You may consider working with a financial professional to set up your proposal and budget and reduce any tax consequences of your divorce.

Although it should reduce the time it takes to get your divorce, mediation can take several sessions. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally, expect disagreements and build flexibility into your schedule before you begin the process.