What are signs of a reliable mediator?

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Mediation is one potential option that can help you and your spouse work through your divorce.

A good mediator provides a neutral environment and certain skills that can aid both parties in reaching their respective goals. But how do you know what traits to look for during your interviews?

Experience and education

Forbes discusses some of the people that will help a couple through divorce. Divorce mediators often fall into this category because they have the ability to offer professional advice and aid that you cannot get elsewhere.

You should always interview your mediators before deciding which one to go with. This person will work with you closely in the coming months, so you want to ensure they have a strong work ethic and that their personality and style of mediation “clicks” with you and your spouse.

Experience and education are two key parts you may want to focus on. Ask if they have advanced degrees in matters like law or psychology. See what they specialize in. Ask if they participate in training sessions somewhat regularly to keep their skills and knowledge at the top of the line.

Ensure that your mediator also has experience with divorce mediation specifically. Some mediators focus more on business mediation, and these serve as entirely different fields.

Skills good mediators exhibit

Finally, pay attention to your potential candidate in the interview. A good mediator will exhibit patience and have the ability to listen and respond to both you and your spouse. They should know how to keep things peaceful and provide guidance while also stepping to the side to let you and your spouse do the bulk of the driving.

If you can find someone who checks all of these boxes, you should consider opting for that individual.