Do you fit the criteria for divorce mediation?

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Choosing to use mediation to facilitate your divorce could save you a lot of time and money. However, you will first want to make sure you meet the criteria for this resource to work.

Learning more about which conditions may increase the effectiveness of this option can help you determine if it will work for you. With adequate preparation, you can use it to your benefit.


Some marriages crash and burn because neither party shows any willingness to communicate. This detrimental breakdown may prevent couples from reaching a divorce settlement without risking their financial health and mental sanity. On the other hand, if you communicate well with your soon-to-be ex, despite the impending divorce, mediation could drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the proceedings.

Assets and debts

One of the trickiest parts of a split is often the financial ramifications. Dividing assets, splitting debts and moving to financial independence requires time, patience and careful planning. According to U.S. News, mediation may provide you with a much clearer picture of your post-divorce finances. If you have a clear picture of the assets and debts you have, the likelihood of harmoniously designating responsibilities will come much easier.


Going into mediation, you should maintain a realistic perspective that you will need to be flexible to achieve a successful outcome. Negotiation and compromise will improve the outcome much more than fighting back and forth. The latter often results in failed mediation which could cost you more money and time in the long run.

When sought under the right circumstances, mediation could reduce many of the most challenging aspects of a divorce. With its help, you can move past the end of your marriage and look toward a brighter future.