Mediation, custody and child support

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As a parent, ending your marriage likely raises many questions with respect to your children. For example, you could worry about how the changes will affect your child’s emotions and school performance. It is vital to do all you can to make the transition easier for your children and safeguard their best interests. Depending on your circumstances, this could involve working with a mediator.

Mediation is advantageous for various reasons, especially when a divorce involves kids. Mediation can streamline the divorce process, saving time and money while minimizing negative emotions such as anxiety and anger. It is especially important to understand your options and prepare for what lies ahead if you expect to pay or receive child support or figure out child custody matters.

Divorce mediation and child custody

The Judicial Branch of California goes over divorce mediation and child custody. Mediation can facilitate the process of creating a parenting plan, allowing parents to set up an agreement that serves the child’s best interests. Mediation can make it easier to determine custody arrangements and work out the terms of visitation, especially since parents know more about what their children need.

Divorce mediation and child support

It is vital to understand that mediation does not address child support, and you will have to work through this facet of family law in court. Whether you expect to owe child support or receive payments, it is essential to review the different factors that courts go over when calculating child support awards.

By working with a mediator, you could have the ability to secure a more favorable outcome for you and your children while reducing divorce-related stress.