Your out-of-court divorce option

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Divorce in California has the potential to be a costly, time-consuming process. This is especially true for couples with significant assets or high incomes.

If you or your spouse is an executive or corporate manager, for example, there might be enough complexity to your finances to unnecessarily draw out litigation. Luckily, you might have another option in the form of divorce mediation.

An official alternative to a formal trial

There are many technical aspects of divorce that tend to make it difficult for laypeople to handle the process. This is where a divorce mediator comes in. Your mediator would provide an objective viewpoint, attempting to get people to the table to talk about and resolve important issues.

This is similar to what happens in a trial. In litigation, the court provides an intermediary and a forum: the judge and the courtroom. However, trials are much different from mediation.

Potential benefits of mediation

Depending on your situation, mediation could offer various advantages over litigation. Perhaps the most important is that you have the flexibility to handle the process your own way.

This chief benefit translates to many other advantages that mediation could have. For example, you could potentially resolve the divorce much more quickly when you do not have to follow the rules of procedure and schedules of the court. You would probably also save money on legal fees — and you would almost certainly save money on court fees.

Divorce mediation does not mean that you give up the formality of a trial. For example, you could resolve some issues via mediation and take others into litigation if necessary. Additionally, along with your spouse, you could also agree to certain rules of procedure to structure your mediation. At the end of the day, you usually have a fair degree of control over exactly how you want your divorce to go forward.